Lord D4VE the 1st of Burudeng -> Now plays BattleFlyff


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Hello dear fellows,

I enjoy playing BattleFlyff for one month now and just wanted to shortly introduce myself.
I'm David, 27 yo. and from Germany. I work as an mechanical engineer in an automotive company.

I played Flyff on german official server Burudeng (later Murano) for many years and was well known there.
When the Lord system arrived in v12, i ran a real election campaign with big success -> I managed to win againts the most popular players (eg. NaNoXiD and Cengo).
Furthermore, I was the sixth player who reached Lv. 121-H, one of the richest and best equipped players on the server and also leader of the very friendly guild LiTHiuM with about 50 active members.
That's it for the posing part (sorry xD).

Finally there is to say that I never played Flyff on any pserver, cuz i always found everything was too easy to achieve. But on this server i like the farming system and drop and upgrade rates.
Therefore, I hope i can enjoy this server for a long time :)


PS: Crowd of ingame friends that supported me, when i made Hero: