Mia's Application


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Name: Mia

Age: 21

FlyFF Experience: 12 years

Languages: English, Spanish.

Timezone: GMT/UTC (EST)


Most people call me Mia but I'm probably better known among the Battle FlyFF/ Horizon FlyFF / Fly For Fight community as fcuk or Xora. I used to run the Fly For Fight twitch channel for a short period of time whilst also uploading promotional YouTube videos. I am currently 21 years old and work as an investor/trader which means most of my work is done online behind a computer. I'm generally a very approachable and easy-going person who tries their best not to take things too seriously unless absolutely necessary. I believe that everything can be accomplished through a fun and enjoyable method. I'm a firm believer that nothing has to be boring unless you make it boring.

I have played Fly For Fun for approximately 12 years and have had experience with private servers for about 9 of these 12. I enjoy playing the game simply because of the nostalgia behind it. It brings a sense of comfort to me that not many things do. Because of my many years of experience, I believe I can be of great assistance to fellow players who may not be as familiar with certain aspects of the game. I usually find myself helping others on most FlyFF servers I find myself a part of and I believe that I can better accomplish this if appointed a staff position. I love playing the game and I enjoy helping others so having the opportunity to combine both of these is ideal. Apart from helping others, I believe that my experience would allow me to better contribute to the development of the server as a whole. I am certain that I will be able to suggest ideas and carry out many tasks that can help improve Battle FlyFF and move us one step closer to becoming one of the top servers out there.

Below is a link to one of the videos I uploaded in the past for Fly For Fight:
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Thank you for your application and welcome back to Battle Flyff :}.
We will wait with making any decisions until after the server launch to allow more people to apply.