MrDeso Intro ~


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Welcome to Battle Flyff Introduction of MrDeso!

Fun fact: "My avatar name is Desolation, in short, "Deso" but my age came true and now I'm Mr.Deso instead of just a boy from school."

I've been searching alot for a server that suits my needs and i ended up on this one. I hope this server will satisfy my needs from a functional and good server. The things i've seen and the people i've met is very nice and straight on when it comes to things they are in need of or have any question.

Anyway about me: I'll make it short for people who don't have the patience to read a lot

Name: Stefan

Age: 28

IGN: MrDeso

Hobby: GFX, Anime, Movies, Snowboard, Mathematic and ofc my 2 dogs and my Wife.

Experiance: Been in the game ever sence beta version from Eflyff realeased in europe, but then after awhile i got tired and found the magic of private servers. I've played alot of different servers and been almost everywhere when it comes to staff positions such as CO-owner, Gm, Event-GM etc. There is one thing that really find my interest and it is not to be on the top but to be treated as a good player from the players and to become acknowledge as an fair and funny player to do dungeons with or just stop by for a chat.

Well that should be short but something got wrong I guess, anyhow i hope I will enjoy my stay here with you all and have a fantastic time in game!