Multifunctional Heating Tank

Product Application
Heat exchanger multifunctional heating tank is suitable for Ethylene oxide sterilizer heating and steam function.
▶ Multifunctional heating tank with multiple heating modes for selection:
1.Heat transfer heating mode: Heat water can be exchanged with hot water or steam;
2.Steam mixed heating mode: The steam tank can be directly connected to the tank and heated by steam mixing;
3.Hot water mixed heating mode: The hot water pipe can be directly connected to the water tank and heated by hot water mixing;
▶ Multifunctional water tank with explosion-proof and no explosion-proof two kinds can be rotated;
▶ The installation of the multifunctional water tank is wall-mounted, and can be directly hung on the side wall of the sterilizer or other convenient wall, occupying a small space.;
▶ Can work at -20°C (customization required);
▶ The tank material for 304, the outside radius for carbon steel coating. Multifunctional Heating Tank