New player~

Heya everyone, newbie over here. Joined BattleFlyFF because I got tired of high rate servers and want to give a low rate server a try and the pk/classic feel of this server drew my attention. Working on leveling up a mercenary that is going to be a knight & a leech that'll be my seraph. Plan on starting a guild as well if anyone'd be interested. Feel free to pm me my IGNs are 'Divinity' (To-Be-Knight), 'Nephthys' (To-Be-Seraph-Alt)

Little bit about myself:
I'm a Canadian, just graduated Highschool the last school year (Crazy to think we're almost half way through this year where I am). I have a long history with FlyFF, started on official back in '09 when I was a wee lad but quit after I hit that lv 60~70 xp curve. Found out about pservers about a year later and been playing pservers ever since.

Thanks for taking the time to read my introduction post, hope to see you guys in game! If anyone needs help don't be shy. I may be new to Battle FlyFF but I've got my fair share of FlyFF game experience stored up over the years.