Patchlog Patchlog 1.02 [13 December 2018]

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  1. Christmas Event Part I is now running!
  2. Candy Cane event is now running!
  3. During Christmas events, all donate coin purchased via PayPal will get an extra 10% Donate Coin bonus!
  4. All mobs in Madrigal drops Snowballs
  5. New world boss added, Swolen Grinch
    • Spawns at Flaris, near the Bangs
      • Will send out world announcement whenever it spawns
    • Drops Snowballs
      • Piece of Swolen Grinch. Use the Snowballs to purchase items from Ice-cream Snowman at Flaris.
    • Spawns every 5 hours
  6. Added Ice-ceam Snowman that contains:
    • Cane Christmas Models for 5000 Snowballs.
    • CS Pets for 2500 Snowballs.
  7. New buff, Christmas Spirit added
    • You can get the buff from Ice-cream Snowman NPC at Flaris
    • 30 minute duration
    • 2 hour cooldown
  8. Increased global droprate of 4%/B cards
  9. Increased Khan and Beast Overlord Khan drop rate
  10. Reworked guild buffs, now have 16 days duration.
  11. Fixed minimizing client now pauses the game.
  12. Fixed a bug where 1 Day scrolls were not showing in party finder
  13. Lowered Damage of Desmodon and Cursed Desmodon
  14. Changed FFA Amplification Scroll effect and description to be +10% exp
  15. Red Meteonyker:
    • Changed metonyker from world boss to dungeon boss.
    • Lvl cap: 105-M to 121-H
    • Cooldown: 60 minutes HP increased to 250M (from 100M)
    • Removed sw jewels from meteo
    • Max items droppable by meteo lowered.
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