Patchlog Patchlog 1.04 [28 December 2018]

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  1. Added Online Player Buffs
    Having more players online now benefits everyone in the server!
    The following Online Buffs have been added
    • 50 players: Speed +5%
      75 players: PVE DMG +5%
      100 players: EXP +5%
      125 players: PENYA+5%
      150 players: Speed Buff becomes +10%
      175 players: PVE DMG Buff becomes +10%
      200 players: EXP Buff becomes +10%
      250 players: Penya Buff becomes +10%
  2. /awakening (or /awa) now available
    This feature is an awake and reversion in one with just one command and costs 3.1M per use. The first item in our inventory will be (re-)awakened.
    The Awake scroll stay at [Jewel Manager] Peach for the same prices they were before. You can still do the first awake for 100k if you would want to.
  3. Fixed Angel Glove bug where it would give ICD instead of DCT
  4. Fixed a bug where Dlvl'd 3rd jobs would get stuck on 124 99.99%
  5. Cursed Aminus and Meteonyker's Cave are now accessible by dlvld 3rd jobs, since u can not use any of your 3rd job skills when dlvld
  6. Meteonyker's Cave is now also accessible by non masters, but the HP and Damage of meteo stays the same.
  7. Iced Mammoth HP Reduced by 50%
  8. Big Muscle and Iced mammoths updated to get more accurate drops
  9. Added Pokeball to [dCoin Vendor] Ann for 30 dcoins
    Pokeballs can contain 5x Rare Candies, Pikachu, Squirtle, Charmander, Bulbasaur
    (All give All stat+10 and Exp+10%), or even the Legendary Mew(+15 all stat +15% exp)
    Rare Candies give 5% Exp for 1 hour
  10. Added icons to Models 1 & 2 from Gergantes
  11. Added Common Bank 15 for 15M and Common Bank 30 for 30M to [Cs Shop] Is
  12. Added Dark Traseia 7D and 14D to CS Shop IS
    Dark traseia contains mobs level 129-139
  13. Exchangers for Kheldor and Behemoth have been added to Mysterious Monk
  14. New icons have been added for all tokens, thanks Ente and the players who gave him feedback
  15. Zynria & Red Chips
    Removed set and weapon drops from zynria mobs
    Zynria mobs now have a chance to drop Zynria Teddy. You can sell this to a npc for 1.25m
    Removed red chips from global drop.
    Added Red Chips to Mad Bear
  16. Lowered Drop rate of 7% and A cards at mobs 122+ to make them a bit more rare
  17. World Bosses
    Turtle King, Principalis and Barga now always drop 1 random lv 3 bead.
    Added Turtle Kings Shields to Turtle King
    Barga and Principalis drop SW Jewelry again
    Added Dragon Cloak of Power and Dragon Cloak of Wisdom to Principalis
    Added Dragon Cloak of Fortitude and Dragon Cloak of the Hunter to Barga
    Dragon Cloak of Wisdom DCT+10% ATK+7% INT+10
    Dragon Cloak of Power ICD+10% Atk+7% Crit+5%
    Dragon Cloak of Fortitude +1k HP +7% HP STA+10
    Dragon Cloak of the Hunter PVE Damage +5% Atk+7% +2 Soul Leech
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