Patchlog Patchlog 1.05 [07 January 2019]

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Christmas Event is over,
But since we were not clear about the ending date of Frozen Village, we decided to let it be available for another week,.
This means it goes away with the Snowball and Candy Cane Exchanger at 14th of Jan. 2019


  1. Added Event Tokens
  2. Added [Event Tokens] Brook where you can buy stuff with the Event Tokens
  3. Decreased Penya base value from Mad bears
  4. Zynria Teddy lowered to 1m sell price
  5. Added Dark Zynria which contains level 132 Dark Mad Bears
  6. Dark Mad Bears drop Dark Zynria Teddys, which can be sold to a npc for 1.2m
  7. Added Dark Zynria tickets to Giant Shop
  8. Added Permanent Full-Shout to premium status
  9. Guild buffs no longer only work when Guild Leader is online, now it just depends on Guild Level
  10. Private Shops items no longer disappear when closing and re-opening shops
  11. Parties now stay in Guild Siege and Link attack has NO effect on PVP
  12. Removed the confirmation window at card exchanger and doubled the conversion rate
  13. Removed some annoying trees in Dark Traseia
  14. Removed Snowballs from Global Drop
  15. Changed Party Skill Penya Feast lowered to 5% [10 points] instead of 20% [30 points]
  16. Changed duration of Milk Chocolate to 1 hour
  17. Changed duration of Grilled Eel to 1 hour
  18. Nerfed INT Scaling of Arcanist skills.
    We felt Arcanist was a bit too op, it was the best AOEr and it also had more 1v1 damage than 1v1 psy. Now it is still the best Aoer, but not the strongest 1v1er of the two.
  19. Changed FFA:
    • FFA Box can now contain Remantis Lacotte 10x, Green Cake 15x, Scroll of Holy 5x, a restat or even the PVP cloak from FFA Exchanger
    • You now gain 3 FFA hearts per kill
    • Scroll of Holy and Green Cakes have been added to FFA Exchanger
    • MVP now gains 75 FFA Hearts
  20. Lowered Asal cooldown from 25s to 15s
  21. Changes (self) buffs duration to 1 hour
  22. Ancient Yo-Yo buffed to be more of an middle man between LC and Behemoth
  23. Toned down Cloak of Bravery, was unintendedly OP. This should make the cloaks from world bosses more attractive to farm.
  24. Added Cloaks to dCoin Vendor Kane
  25. Resized NPC Shop windows
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