Patchlog Patchlog 1.06 [10 January 2019]

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  1. Battle Chips Vendor is back
  2. Pressing up arrow now scrolls through your last messages while in chatbox
  3. Stonehand and Guard now have accurate durations
  4. Premium status players no longer show when you filter Player List on Staff
  5. Bound Duration of premium items to L
  6. Bound Dungeon Timer to Q (Old quest log bind)
    • Quest log is still accessible via menu, but we think dungeon timer gets used more than the quest log currently
  7. Revamped giant drops for more accurate drops
  8. Changed the sell price of Green and Ultimate weaps so giant hunting and dungeoning can be worth at least something when there are no buyers for said items
  9. Siege times changed to (server time):
    • Monday 20:00
    • Wednesday 13:00
    • Friday 20:00
    • Saturday 13:00
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