Patchlog Patchlog 1.07 [14 January 2019]

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  1. Christmas event is gone
    • Removed Snowman NPC
    • Removed Candy Cane Exchange from Is NPC
    • Removed Frozen Village entrance
  2. Mysterious Bag event is over
  3. RPS Event starts!
    - Added Miami NPC next to [Event Tokens] Brook
    - Bring Fishys to Miami NPC, he seems to like Fishys:unsure:.
    - He will give you an RPS Coupon in return, after which you can battle him in a battle of Rock-Paper-Scissors.
    - Fishys drop from all mobs lv 15+
    - RPS Rewards:
    1. win: Remantis Laccottes x3
    2. wins: Scroll of Holy x3
    3. wins: FITA Cookies box x2
    4. wins: Event 1.5x Exp Amp
    5. wins: Wind Buff
    6. wins: Lord's Cheer
    7. wins: Scroll of SelfBuff
    8. wins: Lord 50/50 event
    9. wins: Cloak of the Skeleton Devil (7% PvE, 10% Speed, 1 Soul Leech)
    10. wins: Green Cerberus Mount
  4. Added 105 green set drops to mobs 133 and higher
  5. Scroll of Self-Buff created. These give FM and Seraph buffs for 3h. Lost upon death. Buyable at Brook for Event tokens
  6. Re-Added Blue weapons to Traseia and Dark Traseia mobs
  7. Dragon Cloak of the Hunter now gives 10% pve instead of 5
  8. You can now right click on a shouting person to /say that person!
  9. Weapons Changes:
    • Crystal Lusakas now correctly sell for 7M at NPC's
    • Ancient Stick now has STA and Behemoth Stick has Attack % instead of INT
  10. Skills Changes:
    • Perfect Block duration now correctly 1h
    • Merkaba now has 3 sec cd instead of 4
  11. Daily Rewards System implemented
    By logging in you will receive rewards. These rewards are obtainable for 5 weeks. If you miss a day, it will save where you left off.
    For example: Ente logged in on day 1 to 10 and claimed rewards every day. Now he doesnt log in for 10 days.
    He will get the reward of the 11th day on the next log in, even though he logs back in on day 20.
    Day 1: 5x Upcut Stone
    Day 2: 5x Grilled Eel (Un-Tradable)
    Day 3: 5x Remantis Laccotte (Un-tradable)
    Day 4: Scroll of Amplification Donate (un-tradable)
    Day 5: Moccomochi Buff 1x (un-tradable)
    Day 6: Font Editor x10
    Day 7: Scroll of awakening x10
    Day 8: Priest Fish (7 Days) (Un-tradable)
    Day 9: Scroll of Model Remove 1x (un-tradable)
    Day 10: Scroll of Unbinding 1x (un-tradable)
    Day 11: Granite Floor (un-tradable)
    Day 12: 5x Mystical Bead Box
    Day 13: Bloody weapon chance box
    Day 14: Scroll of Party Level 80 (Un-Tradable)
    Day 15: Delicious Cookie Mystery box x5
    Day 16: Friendship B x25
    Day 17: Dungeon Card Box x2
    Day 18: Gpotato penya balloons x2
    Day 19: Lucky Box (Insect Wings)
    Day 20: Scroll of Reversion x5 (Un-tradable)
    Day 21: 10% PVE Damage Bead (un-tradable)
    Day 22: CS Pet Pikachu (3 days) (un-tradable)
    Day 23: Scroll of Acquisition (High) x3 (Un-tradable)
    Day 24: Zynria Ticket 7 Days (Un-tradable)
    Day 25: 1x Donate Amp (Un-tradable)
    Day 26: Scroll of Shiny (Un-tradable)
    Day 27: Sea Devil Hands (un-tradable)
    Day 28: Sea Devil Boots (un-tradable)
    Day 29: Sea Devil Hat (un-tradable)
    Day 30: Sea Devil Suit (un-tradable)
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