Patchlog Patchlog 1.08 [21 January 2019]

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We are preparing new content, unfortunately the new content wasn't ready for this patch, and also more stuff will be added to Donate Shop soon!
This patch is mostly a balance patch, as we felt ForceMasters were really weak and Templars couldn't use some of their skills with no end-game weapon/shield for these.
During siege we also saw that herbs were too powerful, and therefore nerfed them.
  1. Added new motions ingame: Meditation, Chilling and Backflip.
  2. Added Curtana to the game to as a drop from Fierce Behemoth.
  3. Added Curtana to Behemoth Exchanger
  4. Added Heavens Gate to Fierce Behemoth (Apparently Book of Behemoth and Forcegem were already droppable, but Heavens Gate wasn't)
  5. Weapon & Sets Changes:
    • Curtana: CRITCAL CHANCE +40%, ICD +50%, STR+40
    • Heaven's Gate: 15% HP, 20% R. Block, 20% M. Block (Only usable with 1H weapons!)
    • Ancient Knuckle: MP +5% to MP +7%
    • Behemoth's Knuckle [TANK] : MP +5% to MP +10%
    • Dryad BP Set: MP +5% to MP +10%
  6. Skills Changes:
    • FM: Shades Calamity All stat +10 to all stat +20
    • FM: Ire of Ibilis Attack speed+20% to Attack +400
    • FM: Bubbles Blessing Exp+5% to PvE +5%
  7. Herb of life now heals 10k hp with a 2sec cd to avoid endless spamming
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