Patchlog Patchlog 1.09 [25 January 2019]

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RPS Event is over, but don't worry! We bring u a new event, cool and useful CS, and some balance changes.​

  1. Added 20% dungeon cooldown reduction for Premium Members
  2. Removed Fishy drops and removed RPS and coupon exchanger from NPC Miami
  3. Halved kheldor drop rate of dryads. Since this is the last gear, almost always having a drop made it a bit too easy
  4. Added Behemoth Shield exchanger to Token Exchanger
  5. Added cloak model as a thank you for a big supporter
  6. Added 20% range to Hawkeye like its originally had
  7. Dryad Ranger Set changed: Speed +15% -> HP+10%
  8. Upped HP scaling of BP as it seemed to be lower than Assist currently
  9. Added Lord Events to [dCoins'] Ann
  10. Added Destructive, Almighty and Lightspeed Dragon King Sets to the game
  11. Added Black Dragon King Sets to the game
    • Added to [Guild Siege Trophy] Moonsu

  12. Original flyff guild siege map re-added. The weird siege bug hasnt appeared during our testing in it, while in the other map it happened frequently
  13. Siege respawn time now is 20 seconds instead of 15.
  14. Buffed Barga and Principalis as they were too easy for end-game bosses
  15. Behemoth Staff now has the correct attack
  16. FFA Battle duration is now 10 minutes
  17. Pet Tamer Box drop event starts. All mobs level 15+ drop these boxes.
    Box may contain one of the following items:
    • Scroll of Pet Awakening
    • Scroll of Pet Reversion
    • Pet Energy x1
    • Chance of the Pet Tamer x1
    • Blessing of the Pet Tamer x1
    • Hot Ddukguk x8
    • Fresh Ddukguk x8
    • Sweet Ddukguk x8
    • Flask of Tiger
    • Flask of Rabbit
    • Flask of Fox
    • Flask of Lion
    • Ente's Design Cloak 1
    • Legendary Magic Pony pet
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