Patchlog Patchlog 1.10 [3 February 2019]

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  1. Valentine Event starts!
  2. Rewrote how scroll of Acquisition low and high affects the drop system of zan. Before it would just give you 1 extra item roll, which didnt mean much in zans drop system.
    • Low scroll now increases drop rate by 25% (if the drop rate was 10%, with low acqui the drop rate is 12.5%)
    • High acqui scroll increases drop rate by 50% (if the drop rate was 10%, with high acqui the drop rate is 15%)
  3. Also rewrote how lord events affect the drop system. If there is a 50/50 event going on, u will have the same effect as a high acqui scroll (+50% drop rate chance)
    One more example to clear up some questions:
    • High aqui (50% drop) + 50% lord event = 100% increase ( 2x drop) . Lets say u have 10% drop rate, now with these 2 buffs u have 20% droprate
  4. Some donate cloaks that were not tradable are now tradable again
  5. Reduced HoP CD to 10s
  6. Removed the need to be behind someone for Harlequeen's Greeting
  7. Fixed a bug where Book of Behemoth was not piercable
  8. Fixed a bug where knuckle and stick models did not appear in Event Token Brook
  9. Principalis and Barga now have three spots where they can spawn. These spots are in the same region as their old spot was in. One of the spots is their old spot, but now they can be in any of these spots (chosen randomly). Happy hunting!
  10. We think we found the problem of the random server crashes and fixed it. We continue to monitor the situation for any irregularities.
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