Valentine's Event 2019

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Happy Valentines!

Romeo and the Silver Hearts
Romeo has appeared in Flarine, and he needs your help. He wants to show Juliet how much he loves her by giving her tons and tons of Silver hearts.
Romeo will trade you one of these items for Silver hearts
Garnet Ring
Lapis Lazuli Ring
Milk Chocolates box
PVP Bead
Low Acqui scroll
High Acqui Scroll
Cupid's Arrow
Furry Cat CS (M)
Furry Cat CS (F)
Silver Hearts are droppable by all mobs 15+, and also collectable in collecting area (hunting is faster, but u still gain some hearts with your collector!)

Love Stealer Invasion

All over Madrigal Love Stealers are trying to steal the love given by the people on Valentine's Day. We need to get rid of them! Rumor has it that they carry Valentine's Day boxes. Valentine's Day Box can contain one of the following:
Lord Event Box
Power Scroll
Silver Hearts
Scroll of Holy
Milk Chocolates
Chocolate Cookie
Chocolate Drink
Cupid's Cave
A new Dungeon has been added at the place where Frozen Village was located during Christmas event. To teleport there, press J and select Cupid's Cave.

Dungeon Information:
Cupid's Cave is overrun with Love Fluffies! Kill all of these pink monsters and Love Bear will spawn. Love Bear just wants to cuddle you, but u don't want to cuddle this hideous beast! You want the Valentine's Wedding Set and the packages of Silver Hearts he's hiding!

Cooldown: 90 minutes
Level Cap: lv 60- 70 (Non-Master and Master)

Note: Love bear does not damage you. He just wants to cuddle in this Love Cave.
His armor is pretty strong though, u will only deal one damage to him!

Valentine's Wedding Set (M) and (F) all consists of parts giving +5% penya
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