Zoushio for President? ( I mean GM)

Zoushio's Application for GM
Name: Ayden

Age: 27

Location/Time Zone: Australia (GMT+10)

Languages: English, French and a little japanese

About myself:

Hello, I am Ayden, although in many gaming communities, I am known as Zoushio or Zoush. I am 27, about to turn 28. I'm married, and me and my wife are both gaming fanatics (more-so myself though). I have been playing online games since I was quite young, and FlyFF was my first MMO. I am heavily into building and working on computers, as well as working on cars, and designing houses.

My FlyFF Experience:

Like I said above, FlyFF was my first MMO I played. I started way back on v2, and as such I have a huge amount of nostalgia for the game. I have previously modded for Demon FlyFF wayyy back in the day. I have always loved making odd builds in FlyFF and seeing if I can make them perform as well as stronger classes (IE: My AoE Farming Seraph vs the usual AoE Farming arcanist).

My Staffing Experience:

I am currently a Moderator and Committee Member for Binary Gaming Network (BGN), [BGN is an Australian Gaming club] and have been for 6 or 7 years. It's my job to help maintain our discord channel and websites, keeping them free from such things as racism, sexism and all other kind of things that could be seen as detrimental to a community. I help sort out disputes, and I also attend monthly meetings where we discuss the ongoings of our Club and future endeavours. I also help set up gaming servers and moderate the players within.

I have also been a GM for Demon FlyFF many many years ago.

What can I bring to Battle FlyFF's staff:

I hope to be able to bring an assortment of (hopefully) never before seen Events for the community to participate in. I would also serve as GM to timezones suited to Oceanic countries. I can help advertise the server, in a means to bring in more players. I have experience in managing communities, handling disputes and being a GM. I hope to bring forward a lot of fun for all players and even the others of the Staffing team.

I thank you for your consideration, and hope to hear from you guys soon <3 <3

~ Zoushio